Visualizing a Healthy Lifestyle

Visualizing a healthy lifestyle starts by listening to your inner voice

“By following your passions you will achieve tremendous fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams.”

2 Steps To Take When Visualizing A Healthy Lifestyle In Your Mind visualizing a healthy lilfestyle

The first step to take when visualizing a healthy lifestyle is to start jotting it down on paper.

2 simple ways to do this:

  1. Get a piece of paper and start writing down your goals for how exactly you want to start living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Eating more raw & organic vegetables
  • Drinking green smoothie drinks before you go out the door in the morning
  • Make a point to get up out of bed earlier and do some exercises (10 push-ups,  go for a 15 minute walk)

2.  Create a vision board and start cutting out images of who you want to be.

  • Cut out pictures of people who are living a healthier lifestyle
  • Cut out images of healthy foods you want to start eating
  • Display images of  places you want to visit (lying on a beach with your shirt off with no fear of embarrassment)

Now that you have your goals and images all together, start reading the goals and looking at the images everyday for a couple of minutes.  Do this exercise repeatedly everyday and this will allow you to begin visualizing this healthy lifestyle you can achieve.

The whole concept of visualizing a healthy lifestyle is to start feeling and living these moments out.

Start bringing them to the forefront of your mind and play those scenes over and over again.

Even though the images you chose may be pictures or scenes of someone else, don’t let that stop you from believing this can be you!   Because, this will come true if it’s something you truly want.

visualizing a healthy lifestyle When visualizing a healthy lifestyle add these 7 steps to help motivate you even more.

Try this:  Take a snapshot in your mind of this photo on the left and close your eyes.  Start visualizing yourself lying on this beach with your new healthy body.

Keep visualizing a healthy lifestyle for a couple of minutes everyday, in a place where you can focus, and before you know it, this won’t be just an image, it will be reality.

Eat healthy and well, do it by visualizing a healthy lifestyle.