A Healthy Salad Is Not Just Iceberg Lettuce…

Everyone knows  the importance of adding an assortment of colors when preparing a healthy salad to eat, or do we?

Most families who make salads, find it much easier to just add iceberg lettuce, onions,  carrots, and  some sort of salad dressing.  This is the typical salad you get when ordering at a restaurant.

Though this is better than not eating a salad at all, it is far from having a highly nutritious salad, which can be achieved by adding these essential and delicious “ORGANIC” ingredients:

  • black or red kidney beans
  • walnuts, almonds, and pecans
  • seeds such as pumpkin, flax, sesame, and sunflower
  • lentils varieties
  • chickpeas
  • mix of greens and herbs:  baby lettuces (red & green romaine, red & green oak leaf, lollo rosa, tango),  red & green chard,  mizuna, arugula, frisee, organic radicchio, parsley, dill,  cilantro.
  • let’s not forget the onions, carrots, and peppers!  Oh, and your favorite salad dressing without any high fructose corn syrup, soon to be renamed as “corn sugar,” and any hydrogenated oils.

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of ingredients for making a nutritious salad.  Check out these healthy salad recipes from Eating Well, and enjoy a refreshing salad today!

Let me know what you put in your salads to make them healthier for you.  Share your favorite salad recipe by leaving a comment below.

Eat Healthy and Well,

Healthier People Follow These 7 Steps

Healthier People Accomplish their goals by plugging into these 7 steps below.

Did you ever notice how some people find it very easy to stay on top of their game?  It’s pretty basic, it stems from their “mindset” by staying committed to the goals they set.

If we look at the common traits healthier people exhibit, they tend to follow the same patterns for accomplishing their goals.

Following through with these 7 steps will shorten the time for you to reach your goals, today, as well as tomorrow.

  1. Healthier people are passionate about their well-being.  They are willing to work hard with persistence and commitment.
  2. Healthier people take action. They are not afraid to make decisions, even if they’re wrong or right.  Just simply correct the not so good decisions accordingly.
  3. Healthier people stay focused.  They don’t fall of track, know exactly which direction they are headed.
  4. Healthier people have higher standards. They don’t settle for less, always looking to do better.
  5. Healthier people are optimistic. They believe anything is possible.  Always believing in their dreams and desires.
  6. Healthier people stay far away from negative people. They only surround themselves with positive, healthy, strong people.
  7. Healthier people love their bodies. They know how essential it’s to have a healthy diet.  Putting bad foods in their bodies is a no no.

How well do you stick to your goals when it comes to living healthier?  Are you one of the healthier people I described?

I would like to know if this article helped you in any way.  Please leave a comment below.  I look forward to hearing your accomplishments.

Eat Healthy and Well,

Why Hot Peppers Are Good For You

5 Reasons Why You Need To Add Hot Peppers To Your Diet:

Many people think that eating hot peppers causes ulcers and indigestion.  Researched evidence from the past and present tells us this is an old time myth.  People who have stomach problems often say “it was the spicy food I ate!”  What caused the heart burn was the greasy burger you ate today.

Capsicum, which is the ingredient in peppers that gives off the heat and causes the burning sensation, stimulates all of your nerve endings in a positive way.

Here’s the 5 reasons why “spicy hot” peppers is good for you:

  1. Kills off many types of cancers.
  2. Reduces the risk of  cardiovascular diseases by lowering your blood pressure
  3. Protects the stomach lining from getting ulcers, helps digestion
  4. High in the nutrients vitamin A and C, as wells as calcium
  5. Lowers the risk of strokes.

As I said earlier, capsicum stimulates all of your nerve endings in your body.  For this reason, this is why hot peppers has such incredible healing and preventative powers.

Think about this…

Why do people get heart attacks, strokes, cancer?

The main reason is because of the lack of blood flow!!! It’s not rocket science, this is how it is!  Any known health problem is caused from the lack of blood flowing to those areas of distress.  If blood isn’t getting to your vital organs, or any area in the body, you  will have some sort of health problems.  Am I Right?  ABSOLUTELY!

STOP believing the false myths of hot peppers and start adding them to your daily diet. Just remember to do this gradually, because you must build a tolerance to the heat. This may not be easy for some of you, but do yourself a favor, JUST DO IT!

Eat Healthy and Well,

Living Healthier? 8 Easy Eating Tips To Follow Everyday

Follow these 8 tips for living healthier every single day.

  1. Avoid any processed food at all costs.  Choose only natural foods, such as organic meats, vegetables and fruits.  Eat mostly raw foods as much as possible, of course, NOT RAW MEATS!
  2. Add more water in your system to keep your body well hydrated.  I prefer distilled water because of its purity.  Some people say you need the minerals in water, I say I’ll get them else where.  In either case, DRINK MORE WATER!
  3. Cut down on your sugar intake.  Too much sugar causes you to feel tired and lazy.
  4. Drink freshly blended or squeezed juice instead of store bought.  Many of the processed fruit drinks are high in sugar and you’re missing out of the beneficial nutrients that are lost over time.
  5. Reduce your salt intake.  Salt increases the risk of high blood pressure.
  6. Limit your consumption of caffeine.  If you’re a coffee drinker, start drinking decaffeinated.  Now if you’re a soda drinker, avoid this with all means!
  7. Eliminate hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup from your diet completely!  These oils only clog-up your arteries.  Eat only beneficial oils such as cold-pressed, unrefined organic extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.
  8. Though it may be a little costly, do your best to eat organic foods.

Your local grocery store should have a section for various organic foods.  I myself, shop around for the best price.  When it comes to coconut oil, I can’t find it fresher or cheaper than Mountain Rose Herbs.

Start living healthier today by setting goals!!!

Eat Healthy and Well,