Does The Dukan Diet Work or is it a Scam?

Does the Dukan diet work or is it a scam?

According to research, the Dukan diet is different than most fad diets.  This diet consist of protiens (meat) and vegetables. Oils, added fats, and carbohydrates are eliminated from the the Dukan diet.

So, does the Dukan diet work or is it a scam?does the dukan diet work or is it a scam?

If fad diets work so well than why do dieters lose interest after awhile?

Here’s 3 hard core facts why high protein diets are not the healthiest diet.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the dukan diet, atkins diet, or any other diet loaded with protein and very little fiber in your diet for several days:

  • Majority of the people will get constipated and their guts will hurt because their colon gets so backed up from dead meats.  You need fiber to cleanse the toxins out of your body!
  • High protein diets are rough on the kidneys.  You need greens to flush out your the toxins in your blood stream and meats don’t do this!
  • Feeling tired or fatigue is common because you need carbohydrates for energy!  Who wants to feel tired?  One of the main reasons people lose weight is to gain energy.

Does the Dukan diet work or is it a scam?  Certainly, I do understand the desperateness of people who are trying to lose weight and how easily they can be tempted to try the dukan diet or any extreme high-protien diet.  But, what I don’t understand is; why would anyone think this will be long-term results?

Just as with the Atkins diet, which you don’t hear of much anymore, fad diets come and go, but eating a nutritious well rounded diet never goes out of style.  Right?  Why is that?  Because it works and it’s very healthy for you.

 Does the Dukan diet work or is it a scam?

The Dukan diet does work if you want to lose weight, but so does every other diet when you incorporate exercise in the routine.   Marrissa Brassfield has hit some key points with her own experience with the Dukan diet.  I enjoyed reading her article.

Moreover, how healthy can a diet be when you are not allowed to add any oils, such as olive oil?  According to Donald Hensrud, M.D, olive oil plays an essential role in your diet, in moderate amounts.

If your are looking to lose weight, why not stick with a well-balanced diet with exercise and enjoy every part of it?

In my opinion, to answer the question “does the dukan diet work or is it a scam?”  Yes, I believe it does work, and it is not a scam!  Although, my own experience with fad diets are short lived because I miss the carbs and I enjoy adding healthy fats to my diet!

I would like to hear your thoughts on does the Dukan diet work or is it a scam, so please post a comment below

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Healthy Spring Snacks?

What’s your choice for healthy Spring snacks?

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Exercise is one component to the end result.  Eating healthier is the second component.  You need to combine these two elements for best results.

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