Avoid Processed Foods

4 processed foods to avoid like the plague if you want to lose weight and stay healthy.

1.  Artificial Sweeteners-Studies have shown artificial sweeteners may interfere with the body’s natural ability to count calories based on a food’s sweetness and make people prone to overindulging in other sweet foods and beverages.

2.  High-Fructose Corn Syrup– According to a recent study at Princeton University “high-fructose corn syrup showed characteristic signs of a dangerous condition known in humans as the metabolic syndrome, including abnormal weight gain, significant increases in circulating triglycerides and augmented fat deposition, especially visceral fat around the belly.”   High-fructose corn syrup is a highly refined, artificial product, and when consumed goes directly to the liver triggering a release of enzymes, which tell your body to store this man-made substance as fat.

3.  Partially Hydrogenated Oils-Most boxed and canned food items contain partially hydrogenated oil which contributes to weight gain.  Not only can partially hydrogenated oils cause disease long term, but it interferes with your body’s ability to absorb and utilize the good fats.

4.  Processed Soy Products– Soy contains a substance called goitrogens which can depress thyroid function.  Under-active thyroid is a big contributor to weight gain because is slows down your metabolism.  Your metabolism regulates your body’s ability to break down food and use it as energy or store it as fat.  Processed soy is stored as fat in your body.

It’s critical to avoid processed foods, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.  You must make the point to read the labels on the boxed or canned foods you purchase.

The best way to avoid processed foods is to buy fresh foods!  Remember, not all processed foods are bad for you.

Eat Healthy and Well,


How To Lose Pounds

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how to lose pounds


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Bad Fats Vs. Good Fats

When comparing bad fats vs. good fats…Is there a difference between good fats and bad fats?

Absolutely there is a difference between bad and good fats!

First of all,  you need good fat to burn off the bad fat.  I know this sounds crazy but in order to burn of fat from your body you must eat good fats.

What all the diet plans never told you is this simple fact:  All of those bad fats such as hydrogenated oils, margarine, canola oils, and the substitute butters such as “I can’t believe it’s not butter” are the fats that make you fat!

When you consume the bad fats your body doesn’t know how to break them down and in return they build up in your body as stored fat.

Unfortunately, there’s a misconception of what fats you should eat.

In fact, if you’re trying to lose a few pounds, there are fats you must eat in order to lose weight.  These include: Whole eggs, avocados, real butter, coconut oil, and raw nuts to name a few.

Many of the bad fats come from processed food such as cereals, granola bars,  and whole wheat bread.  I never would have believed it either, but it’s true!  Many of those foods that are labeled healthy are loaded with sugar, which is your worst enemy when it comes to eating healthier and losing weight.

I found this article on bad fats vs. good fats to be helpful from Remedies for Natural Health.

Here’s a simple fact to remember when comparing good fats vs. bad fats:

Sugar and Processed foods are your #1 enemy for maintaining good health!

If you avoid sugar and processed foods there will be remarkable changes in your overall well being.

Eat Healthy and Well,



Fat Burning Pills That Work

Fat Burning Pills that Work…is there really one that works?

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Eat Healthy and Well,

Green Smoothies and Breast Cancer

Will green smoothies help my dear friend with Breast Cancer?

I have a friend who is dealing with breast cancer.  Just recently she had one of her breasts removed.  Now the doctors are telling her she needs chemotherapy.

What’s really disturbing is the fact she had several different opinions with conflicting results from her doctors.

I’m upset because I know not one of those doctors mentioned anything about changing her diet totally to vegan and introducing 100% raw and organic fruits and vegetables in her diet.  Here’s where green smoothies would play a key role in the overall healing of the breast cancer.

By the end of the month she is to have a tube inserted in her breast area where the chemo will be administered.

I see her practically every day.  But yet, I am afraid to voice my opinion to her.  My fear is  I don’t want to make the situation anymore difficult for her because she’s dealing with so much at this moment in time.

Yet, if I don’t say anything about her breast cancer and inform her on the topic of introducing green smoothies in her diet, and letting her know she needs to start pumping her body with high levels of leafy greens and totally 100%  non-animal foods, she will be putting chemo through her body shortly and feeling the nasty side effects of this horrible drug.

Many people don’t believe in natural healing, such as changing your diet and eating 100% organic vegetables and fruits.  I believe 100% in natural healing!!!

What’s strange, even though she is my dear friend, she doesn’t know how passionate I am with my own health.  In fact, sometimes I have 3 green smoothies a day.  This was never a topic we discussed.

I never had cancer so I can’t say I was healed by changing my diet, but it’s not hard to find resources on the internet of many people who cured themselves from many illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, in fact,  any type of disease after they changed their eating habits to total vegan and no meat by-products what-so-ever!

I am very torn because I don’t want to see my dear friend suffer anymore physically and emotionally than she has already.  But, I don’t know if she is ready or will be receptive to my beliefs of natural healing.

What should I do?

I do know this…Everyone of us has choices in life.   If you are sick and suffering with any disease changing your diet to totally vegan will make a big difference in cleansing and healing your body.  You don’t always need to agree with the medical field and choose their methods.

Eat Healthy and Well,