Aligning Your Thoughts For Success

When aligning your thoughts for success the first step is taking responsibility

Responsibility…What is that?

At the moment you start realizing you are ready to become successful you must take the necessary steps to get you there.  That’s being responsible for your own actions.

This means if you are sincere to yourself you will make any dream obtainable by following through with consistent efforts to get you where you want to be.

In order to fulfill one’s dreams he or she must train their minds to think positive.  Any negative thought or influence must be eliminated in the thoughts of this individual.  Think how an Olympic weightlifter feels when they are dead lifting 800 pounds and it feels like their legs and back are ready to explode from the brute force they are putting on their bodies.  Try and tell this Olympic weightlifter they can’t do it.  If that was the case they would have never brought home a gold medal.

When aligning your thoughts through positive thinking you are preparing yourself for success

Talk to any true successful individual, these individuals first decided they were going to be successful.  Not only did they tell themselves they were going to win, they also worked very hard to achieve the milestones they accomplished.  They realized success wasn’t going to come easy.  But no matter what, ethically that is, they did whatever it took to become who they are today.

Aligning your thoughts for success isn’t easy

In fact, it comes with a lot of bumps and bruises.  Think about how many times you were in a situation where you had been put to the test.  I am talking about the times you felt like throwing the towel in because you failed miserably over and over again.

Did you quit?  I can guarantee those times you didn’t it felt super when you took the extra mile to not settle for less.  And I can bet the times you did throw in the towel because you felt you couldn’t do it, later on as you look back at that time, you could kick yourself in the butt knowing you were only inches away from winning.

The difference between success and failure is what you tell yourself and believe.  The more you play the successful story over in your mind the more you can see it coming true.

Visualizing your dreams is essential for making those dreams come true.  It’s just like the person who wants to lose weight.  Do you think that person will lose any weight if they keep looking in the mirror and tell themselves they are fat.  Of course not.  They won’t start losing weight until they start seeing them self skinny again.  It’s a repetition of not only their thoughts but being responsible to what they eat and how much exercise they are willing to do to be successful.

Orrin Woodward, New York Times bestselling author, in his book “Resolved 13 Resolutions for life, he discusses what it takes to be successful.  No matter where you are now or where you started on this journey of success, you can become whoever you want to be by simply changing a few things in your life.  It first starts by aligning your thoughts with your dreams.

Are you ready to change who you are?  What will it take for you to become successful?