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Are you’re looking for the best juicer for 2012?

best juicerLook no further because now you can have your very own best juicer at the lowest price available.

For nearly 90 years, Vitamix offers the most reliable juicers in the market place.

When you purchase a Vitamix juicer you will have the opportunity to pick from13 different juicers with each offering their very own special bonus packages.

The Vitamix is the Best Juicer and Blender all in One!

Yes, it’s true.  Vitamix not only has the capability of juicing whole fruits and vegetables, but it can blend up practically anything you put in the container.

If you’re looking for a juicer to get just fruit or vegetable juice without the pulp than the vitamix juicer is not for you, plain and simple!  But, on the other hand, if you want the best juicer to give you 100% of the fruits and vegetables, this includes the skin and pulp, than don’t miss out on the best juicer juicer

Grab the best juicer at the lowest cost before the price goes up.  You will feel confident when you purchase the best juicer through Vitamix with their 7yr iron clad warranty.  Vitamix is so sure about their unmatched durability on their machines,  if at any time the best juicer needs repair, Vitamix will cover all parts and labor plus two-way shipping at no cost.

The fact is, if you want the very best juicer in your kitchen to tackle more than 50 different blending tasks, and replace up to 10 other kitchen appliances, than you don’t need to look any further.

Today, you can have the best juicer at the lowest price available and the free bonuses included just by typing in this promo-code 06-004806 in your shopping cart when you check out.

***Note FREE Shipping Promotion Code*** is located under subtotal in your shopping-cart. Click Here to see example how to properly fill out the form to get Free shipping code . Free standard shipping promotion code is only for US and Canada Residents.

Note: All Vitamix Sales made through links brings you to the secure site of store.

Are you going to let another year slip on by and miss out on the best vitamix juicer sales event?  Remember, You are not only getting the free bonuses included with your purchase,  you will also receive the industries best warranty on any vita mixer you select for your household.

Make today a special day by rewarding yourself with the best juicer!

The best juicer for many users is the vitamix.  Will you be the next owner to enjoy the healthy juices and meals you will make within seconds or minutes with this high-powered machine?

The choice is yours…Get yourself the best juicer today (:




One thought on “Best Juicer

  1. Hi Sherray,
    It’s true. Because of the high demand for Vitamix blenders they are sold out.

    You can call Vitamix direct and put one on reserve. You will not be charged until it
    is shipped.
    The phone number is: 1-800-848-2649
    M-F 8AM-10PM EST
    SUN 12PM-5PM EST

    Just give the operator the Promotion Code 06-004806 and you will be guaranteed your discount!

    Sorry for the confusion Sherray.

    P.S. This just proves how great the Vitamix blenders are.

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