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If you are searching for a blender to save you time in the kitchen to handle over 50 different blending tasks and replace up to 10 different kitchen appliances, than don’t leave this page.  Because, you are about to discover 18 different vita mixer blenders ready to make your life easier in the kitchen.

Maybe you’re not sure if one of these vita mixer blenders is the best choice for your needs.  Perhaps, one or more of these questions below relate to your problems you face on a routine basis with the current blender you own right now.

    • Are You tired of searching for the right blender for your particular needs in the kitchen?
    •  Any vita mixer machine will replace up to 10 other kitchen appliances.
    • Can your blender do multiple tasks such as:  Make ice cream, hot soups, salsa, and smoothies, just to name of few?
    • Within seconds or minutes, depending on what you’re making, any one of these vita mixer blenders will create mouth watering meals and deserts in record time. 
    • How many year(s) warranty does your blender come with?  
    • With the Vitamix Iron Clad warranty, any vita mixer blender you select,  you’re guaranteed for 7yrs, with an option to purchase and extended 3 year warranty, giving you 10yrs on all of these vita mixers blenders.
    • Does your blender bog down and overheat when there’s too many ingredients in the container?
    • Not anymore with vita mixers 2HP motor.  All vita mixer blenders will pulverize any fruit, vegetable, grain, or ice you throw at it

Below is just one of the top vita mixer blenders you can have in your very own kitchen.

vita mixer

Every one of these vita mixer blenders come with free bonuses.  Depending on which vita mixer you decide to pick, the free bonuses include the following:

  • Getting started guide.  Either a booklet or DVD, again, depending on which vita mixer package you choose.
  • An easy to follow recipes cookbook for the beginner or the advanced chefs with hundreds of healthy meals to live by.
  • Vita mixer tamper for helping you with thick frozen desserts or sticky peanut butter.

You will not find a more powerful blender on the market with all of the added promos, bonuses, and the 30 day in-home risk free trial anywhere!

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