Does The Dukan Diet Work or is it a Scam?

Does the Dukan diet work or is it a scam?

According to research, the Dukan diet is different than most fad diets.  This diet consist of protiens (meat) and vegetables. Oils, added fats, and carbohydrates are eliminated from the the Dukan diet.

So, does the Dukan diet work or is it a scam?does the dukan diet work or is it a scam?

If fad diets work so well than why do dieters lose interest after awhile?

Here’s 3 hard core facts why high protein diets are not the healthiest diet.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the dukan diet, atkins diet, or any other diet loaded with protein and very little fiber in your diet for several days:

  • Majority of the people will get constipated and their guts will hurt because their colon gets so backed up from dead meats.  You need fiber to cleanse the toxins out of your body!
  • High protein diets are rough on the kidneys.  You need greens to flush out your the toxins in your blood stream and meats don’t do this!
  • Feeling tired or fatigue is common because you need carbohydrates for energy!  Who wants to feel tired?  One of the main reasons people lose weight is to gain energy.

Does the Dukan diet work or is it a scam?  Certainly, I do understand the desperateness of people who are trying to lose weight and how easily they can be tempted to try the dukan diet or any extreme high-protien diet.  But, what I don’t understand is; why would anyone think this will be long-term results?

Just as with the Atkins diet, which you don’t hear of much anymore, fad diets come and go, but eating a nutritious well rounded diet never goes out of style.  Right?  Why is that?  Because it works and it’s very healthy for you.

 Does the Dukan diet work or is it a scam?

The Dukan diet does work if you want to lose weight, but so does every other diet when you incorporate exercise in the routine.   Marrissa Brassfield has hit some key points with her own experience with the Dukan diet.  I enjoyed reading her article.

Moreover, how healthy can a diet be when you are not allowed to add any oils, such as olive oil?  According to Donald Hensrud, M.D, olive oil plays an essential role in your diet, in moderate amounts.

If your are looking to lose weight, why not stick with a well-balanced diet with exercise and enjoy every part of it?

In my opinion, to answer the question “does the dukan diet work or is it a scam?”  Yes, I believe it does work, and it is not a scam!  Although, my own experience with fad diets are short lived because I miss the carbs and I enjoy adding healthy fats to my diet!

I would like to hear your thoughts on does the Dukan diet work or is it a scam, so please post a comment below

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9 thoughts on “Does The Dukan Diet Work or is it a Scam?

  1. You obviously have not properly read about the ducan diet. It is NOT like Atkins, as Atkins has a lot of fat, eg cream in coffee. The ducan diet also tells you to use fibre, eg oat fibre; the first stage,(without vegetables) is only for 2 – 7 days, then you can have as many /much vegetable as you want. Get your facts right, before trying to trash an excellent diet in order to promote you own. Jealousy is a terrible thing

  2. Hi Joan,
    I just think your diet should consist of a sufficient supply of greens,
    at least 80% each day. Why not eat healthy everyday. You see, to me,
    eating primary just vegetables and meat is a no no to my diet.

    It’s just the way I feel Joan.
    Take care,


  3. Dave,

    I just ran across this. I’ve been on Dukan for almost eight months. I lost 35 pounds in four months. I also started running one month after starting the diet. I don’t count calories, I don’t get hungry, the sugar cravings are negligible. I’ve been at my goal weight since November. I ran my first 5K in December. I walk five miles every weekday morning and run six miles three times a week, so I get in about 43 miles a week. I have more energy than I have ever had in my life, and I no longer have any digestion problems associated with carbs.

    You really should do better research before making blatant, untrue statements.

  4. Hi Beverly,
    Wow! Congratulations on your success with the Dukan diet, and your great accomplishments with your 5K, walking, and running.

    Beverly, just as with everything in this wonderful life,
    God blessed us with free will, the ability to pick and
    choose what we believe is best for each us. I myself enjoy
    drinking green smoothies as a diet plan and find that adding
    a variety of greens to my diet on a daily basis is a lot
    more easily digestible than meat.

    Again, Congratulations to you with the success you have with
    the Dukan diet. The fact is, it’s quite obvious, the Dukan diet
    is working very well for you, more power to you 🙂

    I feel differently with my diet 😉

    BTW, I felt it was necessary for me to elaborate just a bit more
    in this article after reading your comment, so I added some more.
    Thanks for your comment and stopping by!

  5. The Dukan has been around for about 30 years, so not really a fad diet. It is possible to follow the Dukan without eating meat. Fish, shellfish, tofu and eggs amongst other proteins are fine too.

    The Dukan requires that you have a particular oatbran every day in the form of a pancake or a porridge which acts as a kind of colon cleaner and you can eat 0 % fromage frais and cottage cheese, adding sweeteners if you feel the need. You can make your own mayonnaise with 0% fromage frais and egg yolks etc.

    There is a lot of choice and you don’t get hungry, with plenty of recipes. You are indeed expected to drink plenty of fluids, but it doesn’t have to be water, it can be tea, coffee etc. with skimmed milk if you prefer, but water is good too.

    I understand what you are saying Dave and no diet is perfect, but I have found the Dukan to be the easiest and most rewarding, with its 4 phases. The best and final phase allows you to eat a normal diet (with carbs) for the rest of your life, with one proviso – you must eat only protein just one day a week. Protein Thursdays couldn’t be easier. I would advise anyone interested to thoroughly read up on it before embarking on this diet, it has certainly worked very well for me.

  6. My mother went on the dukan diet. Not only did she lose the weight she wanted, but her crippling arthritis went away, and she no longer needed to use medication for high blood pressure. Those two amazing side benefits were only apparent after about a month on the diet, and the absence of the arthritic pain she had suffered for decades can only be described as miraculous.

    I am not saying the dukan diet cures arthritis, but something about the process cured it.

    The pure protien part of the diet is only for the first week or so until you are down to your chosen weight. After that, vegetables ect are phased in, and after a couple of months you are able to eat virtually what you like, and maintain your weight.

    Oat bran and plenty of water is a crucial aspect of the diet, and no one that I know that undertook the dukan process suffered any constipation.

  7. Damian,
    It’s great to hear results such as your moms. I am glad your mom made the choice to live a healthier lifestyle.



  8. My husband and I have been on Dukan for 2 months now. He lost 22 lbs. and I have lost 12 lbs.. Doing the diet with someone is much easier. There is someone to share the trials and tribulations with. We cheer each other on and scold for the mistakes. It is also key to remember that if you do happen to cheat, don’t quit! Life’s not over, no one will know, just move on to tomorrow and do better! We both feel and look better and will soon be reaching our goal! Dukan is very doable!

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