Positive Affirmations

Your healthy lifestyle is determined by positive affirmations!

Karl Perera of More-Selfesteem.com has some great tips and resources on positive affirmations. Check out his sight, I believe you will be empowered by his writings.

Affirmations are created in your subconscious mind, and when repeated over and over again, they manifest your thoughts and desires outwards.  Simply, it will come to life!

There is both positive affirmations as well as negative ones.  Delete the negative affirmations before they even get a chance to engulf you.

You are the only one who determines how successful you will become in creating a healthier lifestyle by how you value yourself.

  • The more you value yourself, the faster the turn around will be.

Always use affirmations in the present tense.  How you see yourself today, not tomorrow.

  • I will eat healthy today!  This is the present tense.
  • I’ll start my diet tomorrow!  Not present tense.

Start doing activities to boost your confidence.  Make it a point to exercise, go out and buy yourself a new set of clothes, and of course, eating more healthier foods.  These are just some ways of making those positive affirmations come to life.

Quote by Napoleon Hill “whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Hey boss, you have all of the goods inside of you.  The only step you have to take is the first one!

Eat Healthy and Well,

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