Lower Your Cholesterol With Green Smoothies

Controlling your cholesterol levels with green smoothies is cheaper and safer than taking cholesterol lowering drugs.

I know it can be very difficult and questionable to even think of trying a green smoothie when your Doctor tells you to go on cholesterol medicine.  In most cases, high cholesterol can be cured by changing your diet.  Yet, many of you would rather take a pill instead of eating healthier, and perhaps deleting the foods which are causing the high cholesterol in the first place.

What I want you to see are the side effects of these listed drugs to control your cholesterol levels according to WebMD.

After you read the article I want you to think really hard on this one simple question, “why would you jeopardize your overall health with a pill that is only hiding the truth behind what is really causing your high cholesterol in the first place?”

Do you really want to take a drug the rest of your life which has a high potential of destroying your vital organs?

After I read the article I found it disturbing to think how easy it is to put your guard down and let drugs take the place of natural healing methods such as drinking green smoothies to get rid of your high cholesterol problems.

What this is really about is…taking the easy road to fix an unhealthy eating issue with the chances of causing even more health issues in the long run.

I don’t know about you…But myself, if I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, I would rather eat foods with zero or low-cholesterol such as fruits and vegetables instead of animal products loaded with fat and cholesterol such as red meat.

This is where green smoothies will lower your cholesterol because most, if not all, of the ingredients in a green smoothie are leafy greens and fruits which lower cholesterol levels.

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Eat Healthy and Well,

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