Advantages Of Vitamix 5200

What are the advantages of Vitamix 5200 blender?

advantages of vitamix 5200See why the Vitamix 5200 is one of the most universal blenders for making the finest meals within minutes.

The Vitamix 5200 is one of the most popular and powerful blenders available for your culinary needs.

If you are thinking about purchasing a blender but are not able to decide on a model than you can go for any of the 4 vitamix 5200 models. 

All of the Vitamix 5200 blenders has so many features that you will be glad you have your very own in your kitchen.

Before purchasing this blender you should consider all the pros and cons of this blender so that you can make your decision based on the facts.

Vitamix 5200 cons:

  1. Loud

Some of the advantages of vitamix 5200 include:

  • Makes mouth watering meals within minutes!
  • Creates healthy and delicious green smoothies!!
  • Within seconds can make easy-to-make deserts, effortlessly.

Some other advantages of vitamix 5200 include:  Chopping, grinding, blending, and for making fresh juices too. It’s very efficient and can process the toughest food materials like grains and can also blend dense fruits without any problem.

For those of you looking for reassurance with the warranty and customer service, let me just say through my own experience, one of the major advantages of the vitamix 5200 in my opinion is the vitamix iron clad warranty and customer service department . The Vitamix 5200 comes with a 7 year free warranty from a reputed company for over 85 years.  It comes with a DVD for the demonstration for usage and a free recipe book with many healthy recipes which you can try at your home.

The major advantages of Vitamix 5200 is the very powerful motor!

This blender is especially useful for smooth grinding and processing. It has adjustable speed for various different food materials like, grains, fruits, vegetables and soups etc. With its large jug; you can blend or process large quantities of food at one time, thereby saving your precious time.

                         Another one of the advantages of vitamix 5200: vitamix 5200

The cleaning process for this blender is very easy and simple so that you will not avoid using this just because it takes lot of time to clean it after the use. It is very energy efficient so you will not have to worry about increasing electricity bills.  When cleaning the jar, just add some water and dish washing soap to the jar and run it and then rinse it out. This is the easiest way to clean compared to many other blenders in the market.

Depending on what your needs are, you can bet to be sure, one of the four vitamix 5200 blenders will suit your needs. If compared with the other blenders, the vitamix 5200 isn’t a cheap machine but the quality, the warranty, and the fact that it is manufactured in US makes it worthy of that price.

What are you waiting for?  Get the advantages of vitamix 5200 by purchasing one today.

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Vitamix leads the Industry with the best warranty on all their blenders.  The competition doesn’t have a chance when it comes to manufacturing the most dependable blender around.vitamix promotion code

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Refurbished Vitamix

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refurbished vitamix

The Certified Reconditioned or Refurbished Vitamix Blenders comes in 5 unique packages and colors for your kitchen decor.   Depending on which Refurbished Vitamix Package you choose; colors may vary and so do the Bonus Packages giving You the opportunity to have “Just the Right Blender” for Your home kitchen.

FREE Bonuses Included With Every Refurbished Vitamix Blender

If we look at the image below this Certified Recondition Next Generation Blender has 4 Bonuses Included with its package.

vitamix refurbished

  1. Whole food cookbook with mouth watering recipes.
  2. Getting started guide for step-by-step easy to follow directions.
  3. DVD for video instructions on getting started with your new reconditioned vitamix blender.
  4. Easy to use tamper for thicker mixes.

Now is your time to own one of these incredible blender for all your blending needs.

Backed with a Iron Clad Full 5yr. warranty, included with your purchase, you can feel confident knowing vitamix has you covered.  And, for those of you who need a little more reassurance, vitamix offers an extended 3yr warranty for an additional cost.

Don’t let another day or year pass you bye and miss out on the refurbished vitamix sale.  These reconditioned vitamix blenders are selling like hot cakes.  In fact, some of the 6 color options for the refurbished vitamix bases may be unavailable.   The sooner you jump on this money savings opportunity to own this incredible blender, the sooner you will be enjoying scrumptious meals you and your family can enjoy any time of day.

One of my favorite recipes with my vitamix 5200 blender is making healthy green smoothies loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

Save Time and money in your kitchen with the refurbished vitamix blender.  When you own the reconditioned vitamix you will be making gourmet style meals and desserts just like the professional chefs do.

Where else can you find a blender that will not only make delicious hot soups, salsa, smoothies, but ice cream too, with just one blending machine?

Vitamix has been making blenders for more than 85 years and has built an outstanding reputation with its owners, people just like you and me!

reconditioned vitamixWith any refurbished vitamix blender you also get a 30-day Risk Free In-Home-Trial.  Vitamix is so confident you will enjoy your new reconditioned blender.  If at any time during the 30-day period you feel dissatisfied with the refurbished vitamix blender, Vitamix will give you 100% Full Refund, plus shipping  Free of Charge!  No other blender company stands by their product and service as does the Vitamix Corporation.  Guaranteed!

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Vitamix 5200 Sold Out

Vitamix 5200 Sold Out due to Popular Demand

Vitamix Sold Out?  It’s True!

The Vitamix 5200 sold out and several other Vitamix blenders out too!

Because Vitamix has been creating the most reliable blenders for the past 80 plus years it’s no surprise the vitamix 5200 sold out.vitamix 5200 sold out

Don’t worry though and let this stop you from putting one on back order, and owning the best blenders on the market.  Because, Vitamix will build the vita mixer you want, that is temporarily out-of-stock, and only charge you when it’s shipped to your home.

Remember, this is only temporary, and even though the vitamix 5200 sold out, and several other vitamix blenders, Vitamix will process your order by using this Promo Code 06-004806, so you will get your vitamix blender of choice at the lowest cost available.

But, for those of you who want a vita mixer blender right away, due to the fact all of the new vitamix 5200 sold out, and several other blenders, such as most of their Creations blenders, and Turbo Blend VS models, Don’t Worry,  because there’s Great News For You! 

Vitamix does have a few models available for immediate purchases.  Hurray!!!

vitamix 5200 sold outIs the vitamix 5200 sold out?  Yes, but Vitamix has you covered!

Get the Creations Elite (in three colors) or the Reconditioned Vitamix,  either the 48oz compact container, (in black soldout) which fits under most kitchen cabinets, or enjoy the larger 64oz container, (in black,white, or platinum) for making larger quantities for your family or parties.

Both vitamix reconditioned blenders and the Creations Elite are backed by a 5yr warranty.  Just use the same Promo Code 06-004806 as you would if you decided to wait for any of the vita mixer blenders of choice for your own kitchen, culinary, and healthy living needs.

There’s no-two-ways about it, the reason the vitamix 5200 sold out, is simple.  It’s the best smoothie blender, hands down!  there’s no match to the competition.  Period!

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vitamix 5200 sold out

Even though the vitamix 5200 sold out on the internet, you can still order by phone.

The Vitamix Sales Representatives are standing by to place your order. 

vitamix 5200 sold outCall:  1-800-848-2649



Customer Service:


The Vitamix sales team will immediately put you on the list for any vita mixer blender you pick.  You will not be charged until your blender is shipped.

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vitamix 5200 sold out

Yes, the vitamix 5200 sold out temporarily, but don’t let this temporary road block prevent you from owning the best household appliance available

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