Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200 Blender

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Starting right now, your life can change enormously by enjoying the healthiest life ever imaginable by owning the vitamix 5200.


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vitamix 5200

As Always, Try a Vitamix  5200

100% Risk FREE in Your Home Today!

Do You have any idea why most of us lack energy, can’t lose weight, and just plain feel unhealthy? It’s very simple, just look at the “dead foods” you put in your body!

The vitamix 5200 will give you all of the necessary nutrients within minutes that are 100% assimilated in your body!

Many assume, eating cooked vegetables is adequate enough for fortifying the daily nutrition levels.  The fact is, you lose a large portion of nutrients when you cook your vegetables.  The only value you get is fiber.  With the vitamix 5200 you will have the days worth of essential vitamins and minerals by drinking a green smoothie first thing in the morning.

It takes less than a minute to blend your favorite fruits and vegetables in the vitamix 5200.

Oh, back to “dead foods.”  You know the meat you consume on a regular basis?  Well, let’s briefly talk about this…

When was the last time you ate meat and had a normal bowel movement?  The crap either took forever to come out, or when it did come out,  it was little balls of rocks splashing in the toilet water.  Sounds disgusting, but it’s true!  Right?  Yes, I know it’s true.

Just as your bowel is sluggish, so is everything else in your body!

Do You have these 3 symptoms often?

  1. Are you tired a lot?
  2. Do you feel depressed?
  3. Have a lack of will power?

These problems you are facing daily, can easily be corrected,  if you take this opportunity today and convince yourself; “I want to feel better, look younger, and have more energy each and every day.”  You will have all of this if you use a vitamix 5200 everyday!

Hey,  did you know by adding RAW GREENS in YOUR DIET and blending them up with the vitamix 5200 blender, you will achieve incredible health by overcoming the 3 symptoms listed above.

Well, if this is what you really want, then now is the time to invest in your health  and purchase a Vitamix 5200 blender.

If you’re ready for this incredible healthy journey…Just click here to get started.

Eat Healthy and Well,

P.S.  How many times did you tell yourself “this is something I know is good for me” and later regret you didn’t jump on the opportunity?

P.S.S.  I’ve been where you are now, so if you need a little nudge or have any questions whatsoever, please,  contact me by leaving your contact information below or call me @ 484-764-6881 and I will walk with you each step along the way.

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vitamix 5200

4 thoughts on “Vitamix 5200

  1. I live in Santa Cruz, CA, but right now I am visiting in NZ. When I try to find out how much the Vitamix 5200 is going for from your site, I keep being directed to an international Vitamix web page. I cannot get the prices from Vitamix because of this detour.

    Question: How much for this blender and, does it have the 64 oz carafe?


  2. Hi Bruce,

    The cost for the standard Vitamix 5200 64oz.
    is $449.00.
    Here’s the link below.

    This is the price in the United States. It is the second image over
    and it’s called the Vitamix 5200 Standard Getting Started.

    The reason you are being transferred to
    the international website is because you
    are out of the country. The tracking knows
    where someone is looking at the Vitamix

    One thing Bruce, in either case, to get
    the free shipping, don’t forget to add the
    promotion code 06-004806 in your shopping
    cart when you are checking out.

    Hope this was helpful and answered your

    If not, please let me know and I will answer

    Have a Great & Healthy Day,

    Dave Kovach

  3. If I cannot get one of 5200 blenders from the vitamix site because they are out of stock. Do you know where I can get one. Are you the guy that was at Whole foods a couple of weeks ago??

  4. Hi Sherray,
    It’s true. Because of the high demand for Vitamix blenders they are sold out.

    You can call Vitamix direct and put one on reserve. You will not be charged until it
    is shipped.
    The phone number is: 1-800-848-2649
    M-F 8AM-10PM EST
    SUN 12PM-5PM EST

    Just give the operator the Promotion Code 06-004806 and you will be guaranteed your discount!

    Sorry for the confusion Sherray.

    P.S. This just proves how great the Vitamix blenders are.

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