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7 Reason Why the the vitamix 5200 is Super:vita mix 5200 best price

  1. The Vitamix 5200 is built extremely tough with a highly  efficient 2 peak horsepower motor.  This motor was built specifically just for the Vitamix blener.  Even when blending real thick mixtures it does not over heat.  In fact, when running my vita-mix 5200 I feel cool air coming out of the side of the blender.
  2. It has a brand-new container made up of a strong  polycarbonate without bad chemicals such as (BPA).  Clean-up is a snap with this container!
  3. This vita mix 5200 machine has nice ergonomic features which include a new lid design for ease of adding ingredients while running.
  4. Runs quieter than the older model, as well as its competitors such as:  Health master and blendtec.
  5. The overall appearance fits well in any kitchen.  With several different color combination to match the rest of your appliances.
  6. Enjoy the soft comfort of the all new handle, switches and dial.
  7. Most importantly, within less then a minute you can enjoy your favorite green smoothie.

Also included with the vita mix 5200 best price is the iron clad full 7 year warranty on any vitamix 5200 model from the date of purchase.  Giving you the best warranty in the industry.  vita mix 5200 best price

vita mix 5200 best price

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vitamix 5200  is the BEST Blender on the market.  But hey, don’t take my advice.  You must see for yourself.  If you feel this blender doesn’t meet your high standards of quality and performance, just send it back and Vitamix will give you  100% full refund.

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vita mix 5200 best price

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Best Health,

Dave Kovach

vita mix 5200 best price

2 thoughts on “vita mix 5200 best price

  1. While researching for information on the Vitamix blender, I came across your website. I am interested in purchasing a 5200 with the 64oz container, 32 oz wet blade container, 32 oz dry blade container. What price in $USA am I looking at? and what is the price to ship to a USA address at zipcode 98295?
    Look forward to your reply…and drinking green smoothies:)

  2. Hi Myka,

    The Vitamix 5200 Deluxe has the 3 containers you’re asking for. This is Vitamix’s premier 5200 blender, which is also called Vitamix 5200 Deluxe complete Kitchen. The price for U.S. Resident’s is $649.00. This also includes Free Shipping which is a savings of $25, plus included is 7 bonuses with the Vitamix 5200 Deluxe. Click here to view this blender.

    Just remember to put the coupon code 06-004806 in your shopping cart during checkout for free shipping savings.

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