Vitamix 5200 Compact

Vitamix 5200 Compact container is ideal for your kitchen counter tops

vitamix 5200 compactOur vitamix 5200 compact is the same powerful machine as the traditional vitamix 5200.  The main difference is the compact 48oz container, which fits perfectly under most cabinets.  The traditional vitamix 5200 comes with the large 64oz container, which is ideal for making larger meals, desserts, and green smoothies.

The vitamix 5200 compact is becoming very popular and ideal for individuals who like to keep kitchen appliances on their counter tops.

In either case, whether you are looking for the traditional vitamix 5200 or the new vitamix 5200 compact, you will find it pleasing to know, both blenders have the power and durability to make delicious meals, desserts, and healthy green smoothies within minutes.

If you enjoy getting the maximum nutrition out of the foods you eat, than you must get the vitamix 5200 compact blender.

In order to absorb the highest amount of nutrition out of vegetables and fruits you need a blender that has the power and capabilities to grind, chop and break down the cell walls.  With the vitamix 5200 compact you have the ability to enjoy maximum nutrition within minutes.

For instance, when making a green smoothie, just add these simple ingredients together:  Start with 3 cups of baby spinach, 1 Tbsp of flax seeds, 2 Tbsp of sunflower seeds, 1 banana,  1 Tbsp raw cocoa powder, 12 oz glass of unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk (when first starting with green smoothies, most people consider them bitter, so add sweetened vanilla almond milk instead), and 8 oz of your favorite herbal tea.  This is be the most nutritious breakfast you and your family will ever have!  Guaranteed!

If you’re looking for a blender to fit under your cabinets and save you time in the kitchen, than the vitamix 5200 compact is for you.

Don’t let another year go bye where you are regretting the fact you didn’t take this opportunity to improve your health with the savings and bonuses included with vitamix 5200 compact package.

If you buy today, you will save $25U.S./$35Can with FREE Shipping on your very own vitamix 5200 compact.

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Make 2012 a year to remember.  Start with living a healthier lifestyle!  Don’t let 2012 go bye without making the needed changes in your health and everyday living.  Make eating healthier top of your to do list.  Do it with the vitamix 5200 compact.

vitamix 5200 compactDrinking green smoothies will help you achieve better health everyday.

The vitamix 5200 compact  will give you the results you expected in a powerful blender

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