Vitamix 5200 Super

The Vitamix 5200 Super is for the serious health conscious individual

Not only does the vitamix 5200 super come with the 64oz wet container, which is great for making green smoothies, frozen desserts, and delicious hot soups within minutes, it also includes a 32oz dry container for making your very own flours because of its tremendous power to grind up whole grains.

When was the last time you wanted to make your own dough and thought it takes too much time?  Not anymore!

Vitamix 5200 super is the perfect match for people who enjoy grinding their own grains into fresh flour.

Vitamix 5200 SuperThe 32oz dry container will even knead dough for you!  Vitamix’s dry container will grind whole corn, rice, rye, wheat, quinoa, and much more, into the freshest flour available.

Also included with the vitamix 5200 super is the whole foods and whole grains cookbook loaded with delicious ideas to encourage you to make healthier meals.

You get 3 cookbooks with lots of delicious recipes with the vitamix 5200 super.

Are you ready to take your healthy lifestyle to a new level?  When you start using the vitamix 5200 super you will enjoy the ease of operation from start to finish.

Within minutes you and your family will enjoy scrumptious meals and desserts you created.  And Cleanup? Who enjoys doing dishes?  With your new vitamix 5200 super blender, cleanup is done for you in less than a minute!  After you are finished blending your favorite meal, green smoothie, or dessert,  just simply add some dish detergent (just a couple drops), turn the blender on high for a few seconds, and you’re done!

vitamix 5200 super

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Make the time and effort in your kitchen more productive and exciting with your new vitamix 5200 super.

vitamix 5200 super

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