Vitamix total nutrition center

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vitamix total nutrition centervitamix total nutrition centerCongratulations to Canada on the new look and new name “Vitamix total nutrition center® ” which is actually the vitamix 5200 with a fresh look.

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The vitamix total nutrition center is the same deluxe blender as the vitamix 5200.

With the total nutrition center it makes it a lot easier to consume whole foods in just minutes after blending.  This blenders power, just like the vitamix 5200 breaks down the cell walls of vegetables and fruits giving you maximum nutrition.  Remember, consume and enjoy your drink immediately after blending.

Are you looking for ways to create superfoods within minutes?  Did you ever think it could be so easy to enjoy a silky green smoothie to start off your day in the morning?

With the vitamix total nutrition center you can make the most delicious, power filled nutrition drink within seconds, while enjoying one of the most beneficial and healthy drinks you may have ever consumed.

Each time you use the vitamix total nutrition center you can create a new exciting dish. 

It’s so easy to come up with new ideas with this powerful blender from Vitamix.

Take the opportunity to try something new for a change,  enjoy a delicious green smoothie with your very own total nutrition center blender.

If you’re like most of the working force…come home tired and wake up tired with little energy, wondering how you will even make it through the day.  Your troubles stop here with the
Vitamix Total Nutrition Center blender.

Because I’ve been faithfully drinking green smoothies for such a long time, it takes a lot to make me feel tired.   But, I am human, and there are times when my schedule gets overloaded and my ambition to take on some tasks, well, lets just say, is a struggle.  As soon as I’m feeling this way I make myself a nutritious, and all-natural powerful boosting green smoothie.  Within several minutes, I start feeling rejuvenated.

Do you ever find yourself feeling the way I just described above?  If so, just make yourself a healthy green smoothie with your very own, commercially powered, Vitamix Total Nutrition Center Blender.

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Vitamix Total Nutrition Centervitamix total nutrition center

vitamix total nutrition center




2 thoughts on “Vitamix total nutrition center

  1. Where can I buy the vitamix total nutrition centre, and for how much? I live in Ottawa, Canada.


  2. Hi Megan,
    You can purchase the Vitamix Total Nutrition Center through this website.
    Just click the link which says Vitamix Total Nutrition Center.

    Remember to put the coupon code in 06-004806 for Free Shipping.

    Please don’t quote me on the price, because it may be different, but the
    Vitamix Total Nutrition Center is $579.00 in Canada.

    If you have any questions please contact me and I will assist you.



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