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Vitamix vs Blendtec Review from a Satisfied Owner & User

blendtec vs vitamixIn this vitamix vs blendtec review we will compare these two blenders to see which would be the best choice for making all sorts of healthy meals such as smoothies, nut butters, hot soups and so much more in your very own kitchen.

When comparing the vitamix vs blendtec you will notice totally different styles of blenders and packages.  For Instance, the vitamix offers 21 different packages with several color options for the bases within each selection, which helps in matching your kitchen design.  On the other hand,  the blendtec offers only 8 selections with their blenders.

Because of the various choices of blenders to choose from I decided in this vitamix vs blendtec review to compare only the vitamix 5200 vs the blendtec HP3A.

If you are searching for two of the most competitive blenders for longevity there are only two that I would recommend.   This is the reason why I picked to compare the vitamix vs blendtec.

In this vitamix vs bledtec review we will look at the blendtec Hp3A blender first.

In the diagram below you will see key points of the blendtec HP3A.

vitamix vs blendtec


When comparing vitamix vs blendtec the blendtec HP3A is known for its strength and durability with a powerful 3HP direct-drive motor, which spins the blade at 29,000 rpm.  The blendtec HP3A blender has the ability to blend nuts, seeds, dark leafy greens, frozen fruit, make hot soups and crushes ice.  This blender also has a built in cycle program to help with the ease of preparation.

The key points for the blendtec HP3A blender

  • Smart-Touch tec-nology™
  • Lifetime blade replacement
  • 7 year warranty (US and Canada only)
  • Touch pad controls with LCD screen
  • Available in various packages
  • 30day money back guarantee

Blendtec Hp3A comes with the Smart-Touch Tec-nology.™  When the cycle button is pushed, the HP3A automatically speeds up and slows down as programmed and the blender shuts off when the cycle is complete.   One of the main differences when comparing the vitamix vs blendtec is the blendtec blender has a touch pad design with 25 pre-programmed cycles and 4 changeable pre-set cycle buttons.

Blendtec’s blender is very easy to use and has a patented BPA-free large 64oz square container.  Its power comes with a guarantee to crush ice.

The warranty was three years but in 2012 became (7) years on the motor base and container with a lifetime warranty on the blade and coupling.

The blendtec HP3A has good ergonomics with a height of 15.5 inches and comes in 4 different colors:  Red, black, coffee, and white.  Blendtec blender is considered the all-in-one appliance.   This blender  makes an assortment of drinks, soups, bread, and ice cream to name a few.

HP3A blendtec blender is known to be very easy to use.  Just put your ingredients in the blender and walk away.

In this next diagram below we will look at the key features of the vitamix in this vitamix vs blendtec review.



vitamix vs blendtec


As you can see in the diagram above with this vitamix vs blendtec review; the vitamix 5200 offers more with their package.

When comparing vitamix vs blendtec, the vitamix 5200  is packed with a high performance 2hp output rating motor. 

Vitamix’s 5200 is known for its blending ability to let no chunks behind 😉 

The vitamix blender with its 2-peak HP motor runs the blade tips at 37,000 rpm without overloading the motor.  The vitamix 5200 is capable making an assortment of dinners and desserts within minutes.

The key points for the vitamix 5200 vitamix vs blendtec

  • Variable dials and knobs for adjusting speed
  • 7 year full warranty (Us and Canada only)
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of handling
  • Available in various bonus packages
  • 30 day no risk in home free trial

With over 70 years of making blenders Vitamix has perfected the art of blending from start to finish. Known for its powerful 2HP output motor and functionality,  this gives vitamix the exceptional quality the consumer expects from a blender.  One key feature when looking at vitamix vs blendtec, the vitamix 5200 comes with a variable speed knob and dial settings, which gives you unlimited control of the consistency of the blended foods, rather than a few programmed buttons that are pre-set.

Included with every vitamix 5200  is a step-by-step action guide.  If the vitamix does falter in any manner, you can feel secure by knowing all the warranty work is done in the US.  All of Vitamix quality and engineering is done in Cleavland, Ohio, where extensive testing guarantees superior quality.

Vitamix offers a full 7-year warranty with a full 2-way warranty shipping costs for US and Canadian household customers.  If needed, Vitamix offers an extended 3 year warranty.

The vitamix 5200 is a versatile blender which tackles more than 50 different tasks.  This blender is known to replace up to 10 kitchen appliances.

Customer service is top notch at the Vitamix Headquarters.  All of the customer service representatives own and use their own vitamix blender.

Well, there you have it!  With this vitamix vs blendtec review of blendtec HP3A vs vitamix 5200, hopefully you now have better insight on 2 of the top blenders in the market place for blending your favorite green smoothie.

In conclusion with this vitamix vs blendtec review I myself would pick the vitamix.  In fact, when I did my research on the vitamix vs blendtec, I purchased the vitamix 5200 super over the blendtec.  What sold  me on the vitamix vs blendtec was several factors.  The most important was the customer service at vitamix.  Each person I spoke to at vitamix helped me each step along the way and answered all of my questions without hesitation.  But, when I contacted blendtec, no one contacted me back! 

*****Watch this video***** from Katie as she took her Blendtec blender over to her friends house who had a Vitamix blender and see what happens…

This was  the main reason why I wanted to share this review of the vitamix vs blendtec!

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vitamix vs blendtec

Eat Healthy and Well,

Dave Kovach

vitamix vs blendtec

6 thoughts on “Vitamix vs Blendtec

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the BlendTec comes with a 7 year warranty as well. Did this change in order to compete more head to head with the Vitamix?

    It should be also noted here that when I looked at the Vitamix site, it is stated as 2HP rather than the 3HP listed in your review.

    Either way, they both look like great machines.

    *i’m in no way affiliated with either of these brands, i’m just doing my research before I buy one of these 2

  2. Felix, You are right with both comments. The Vitamix is a 2HP and not 3HP. OOOPs, typo! Since, I wrote the article last January, Blendtec changed their warranty policy from 3 years to 7. Blendtec must of known this was hurting their sales. I myself, use the vitamix 5200 super every day and the machine doesn’t miss a beat! Good luck with your choice.

  3. Thank you very much for posting this! I have been doing some serious searching on which one of the two would out last be better in longevity and do all I would desire its usage! They are both very expensive and I did not hear back from anyone at blendtec either except for a snide remark to me personally on the cost from one woman. It really turned me off! I seriously want & need one. My health & life is very important to me & the only way I feel great is when I’m juicing. With no solid foods. I’m disabled, I get very sick when eating solids too even little degrees. I’m very excited to finally having one! Which I do not as of yet…I have juiced and researched liquid diets for several years. I was diagnosed with Lupus & Fibromyalgia years ago. Due to my taking my own actions on my own body. I no longer have any signs of Lupus. When im juicing i have almost none of the other symptoms either…im dedicated!!! The making soups is very important to me too…again thank you! Sincerely, Lauren Ingle

  4. Hi Lauren,
    Wow, your story is an incredible example
    how juicing changes peoples lives for the
    better. I am so glad to hear stories as

    In regards to Blendtec, It’s so weird a
    company who is in competition against
    Vitamix would have such bad customer
    relations. This just doesn’t make any
    sense. Go for the vitamix!

  5. One important distinction regarding the warranty is that Vitamix covers shipping both ways. Blendtec requires YOU to pay the shipping cost to get the blender to them. Just sending the base without the container will cost nearly $20 if shipped UPS ground. $140 if shipped overnight, not likely an option I would choose.

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