Why Hot Peppers Are Good For You

5 Reasons Why You Need To Add Hot Peppers To Your Diet:

Many people think that eating hot peppers causes ulcers and indigestion.  Researched evidence from the past and present tells us this is an old time myth.  People who have stomach problems often say “it was the spicy food I ate!”  What caused the heart burn was the greasy burger you ate today.

Capsicum, which is the ingredient in peppers that gives off the heat and causes the burning sensation, stimulates all of your nerve endings in a positive way.

Here’s the 5 reasons why “spicy hot” peppers is good for you:

  1. Kills off many types of cancers.
  2. Reduces the risk of  cardiovascular diseases by lowering your blood pressure
  3. Protects the stomach lining from getting ulcers, helps digestion
  4. High in the nutrients vitamin A and C, as wells as calcium
  5. Lowers the risk of strokes.

As I said earlier, capsicum stimulates all of your nerve endings in your body.  For this reason, this is why hot peppers has such incredible healing and preventative powers.

Think about this…

Why do people get heart attacks, strokes, cancer?

The main reason is because of the lack of blood flow!!! It’s not rocket science, this is how it is!  Any known health problem is caused from the lack of blood flowing to those areas of distress.  If blood isn’t getting to your vital organs, or any area in the body, you  will have some sort of health problems.  Am I Right?  ABSOLUTELY!

STOP believing the false myths of hot peppers and start adding them to your daily diet. Just remember to do this gradually, because you must build a tolerance to the heat. This may not be easy for some of you, but do yourself a favor, JUST DO IT!

Eat Healthy and Well,

13 thoughts on “Why Hot Peppers Are Good For You

  1. Hi Howard,
    Thanks for the comment.

    I love hot peppers too! Add them to my diet on a daily basis.



  2. I like adding heat to my foods, but the flavor of peppers isn’t so appealing to me. Is there a way to get heat without flavor?

  3. Hi Nick,
    Boy, that’s a tough one. Not sure how to get the flavor away when adding hot peppers to dishes.

    Sorry, but perhaps someone else may have an answer for you.


  4. Got it, this weekend I tried ghost pepper and nags viper peppers, now thes are the hottest in the world but you can do a lot with them. They add heat and little to no flavor. You can also grow tai chile peppers and dehydrate them, crush them in to a flake for sprinkle. Be very careful though these peppers are extremely hot and it does not take much at all to spice up a plate. If you don’t like hot stuff I would start with salsa’s and move up through the heat on them before adding the Mega hot peppers to your diet. Hope this helped!!!!

  5. I love hot peppers I eat jalopano peppers whole nd it doesn’t bother me I love to grill them too

  6. Hi Nick, interesting comment, what type of pepper you use?
    I personally use habanero or other name use in England scotch bonnets, for cooking its one of the hottest peppers but lovely flavor
    to your meal, example my kids love when i cook chicken soup, when your soup is nearly finish add the habanero into the soup for approx.
    15 to 20 minutes not too long or your soup will be too hot to eat i can my kids wont, take out the pepper to one side i usually put to one side of my rice as i mentioned i can handle extreme hot, I guarantee the flavor to your soup is outstanding. Hope this helps try the habanero lovely flavor good luck

  7. Is that with all peppers? I personally love trappey’s hot peppers, or jalepenos.. I’ll eat a jar in an hour or two, I just can’t get enough! Lol

  8. Absolutely! In my opinion it
    ranks high with some of my other
    favorites such as the cayenne
    pepper and garlic for natural
    healing 😉

  9. Dave, thanks for this great article. I for one subscribe ENTIRELY to everything you’ve explained in your post. Life without hot pepper will be pretty dull. But I have a problem — I’ve tried the melinda’s naga/bhut jolokia pepper (apparently the hottest pepper in the world)and i have to admit, i laughed as i ate it. I have participated in hot sauce contest at grill bars and drank their hot sauces and thought the contest to be a joke…I repeatedly read the reviews on Youtube on some of these hottest peppers which I tried (the naga jolokia sold by Melinda’s) and I am amazed at how many people praise its hot properties. But I feel nothing. I mean, it stings a bit, but really not even close to what I’d consider hot. I’m starting to be really scared of my tongue. Did I mess something up in there? I no longer trust statements made about such hot sauce being the hottest. Do they dilute these stuff?? I mean, this Ghost pepper is supposed to be ranking in the million scoville units, what happen when they sell these in bottles???

    Also, do you know of any great (sweet) hot sauce recipe? I like my hot sauces to be a little sweet. I bought some Trinidad scorpio buds and I want to try them (apparently they’re hotter than naga jolokia). Maybe I’ll be surprised — pleasantly this time.
    Thanks for your great article and look forward to reading more post on hot sauces

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